04 October 2018

Taking Freemasonry to the wider community

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Freemasons of the Carpentaria District spent three days at the Cairns Show in July educating locals about one of the world’s oldest fraternities.

With the Cairns Show drawing crowds of over 80,000 people, many visited the Lodge’s stand to discover the history, mission and positive work of Freemasons and their associated charity Hand Heart Pocket. 

Alan Sims, a Far North Queensland Freemason, said their stand was successful in showcasing Freemasons to the community. 

“We talked to so many people about who we are and what we do.  The Freemasons have such a rich history and valuable mission to share,” Alan said.

“Freemasonry is so much more than secret handshakes and performing ancient rituals behind closed doors. It’s about empowering men to be their best through self-development, mentoring and charity,” Alan said.

“The show was a great opportunity to highlight and muster support for the charitable work Freemasons do in the region.”

From the Royal Flying Doctors Service to local aged care facilities, Far North Queensland Lodges have raised funds for a range of causes.  In 2017, Hand Heart Pocket consulted with the Carpentaria Freemasons before contributing half-a-million dollars to the development of the COUCH Wellbeing Centre. 

Alan said the benevolent work of Freemasons spans across the globe.

“There are Lodges scattered all over Far North Queensland, Australia and the world,” he said.

“Men of good standing, who are over the age of 18 and believe in a higher being are eligible to enquire about becoming a Freemason.”

Photo: Freemasons of the Carpentaria District at the Cairns Show spoke to locals about the history, mission and work of Freemasons.

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