Our District Grand Officers

The District Grand Master presides over the District Grand Lodge. The District Grand Master for the District Grand Lodge of Carpentaria is Henry Condon.

RW Bro Henry Cecil Condon
District Grand Master

RW Bro Henry Cecil Condon became District Grand Master in 2017.

He has been an officer of the District Grand Lodge for the past 25 years, and has particularly enjoyed the company of his father RW Bro Cec Condon, in numerous Lodge visitations.

He was initiated into Ravenshoe Lodge 297H in 1985 and is still a member of this Lodge, which is the highest Lodge (altitude-wise) in Queensland!

RW Bro Condon has just completed 40 years of service with Education Queensland after retiring in 2017. He enjoys his family life, and he and his wife Helen now enjoy their first grandchild, born in March 2016.

He is very keen to see Freemasonry flourish throughout the world.